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Canapes a la Fribourg

Posted in - Canapes & Peacetime & Recipes & Seafood on January 26th 2015 0 Comments 90. Canapes Frilbourg

These are hard to resist. To recreate exactly is a time-consuming process. Alternatively, use whichever whizzing gadget you have and a fine sieve to speed things up a little…

But first, here’s Granny Dot’s version:
Materials and Method.–Steam a haddock, and work the flesh through a sieve, moistening it with a little milk, when necessary. Mix …


Lemon Meringue Tartlets

Posted in - Puddings & Recipes on July 30th 2014 0 Comments lemonmeringuetartlets-slide

My daughter had a stall outside of the house at the weekend selling fresh lemonade and lemon tarts.  One friend said she would give her £20 for the tarts so my seven year old is richer than she has ever been!  These are the tarts, with added meringue if you wish.


Makes 24


300g plain flour
150g …


Lemon Ricotta Courgette Canapes

Posted in - Recipes on May 29th 2014 0 Comments riccourgecanape

This is fiddly but simple.  Follow the ricotta recipe if you can’t find fresh ricotta, and then read on.

olive oil
1 courgette
125g ricotta
1 clove garlic
Mild salt flakes such as Maldon sea salt
zest of an unwaxed organic lemon

1.  If you have a mandolin, use it to slice the courgettes extremely thinly – I did mine on …


Homemade Creamy Ricotta

Posted in - Recipes on May 20th 2014 1 Comments ricfinish

Watching Italians eating creamy ricotta from a bowl as opposed to its rubbery counterpart bought in a plastic tub in the supermarket in England, has lead to my becoming accustomed to making my own. It is good for breakfast, in a pudding, a pasta dish and so on. And and and… it only takes a …


Healthy Seed Bread

Posted in - Bake & Recipes on May 3rd 2014 0 Comments roggmain

On honeymoon in 2005, lying by a swimming pool,  waking from a deep slumber following a long journey to a country estate outside of Paarl, my gaze was met by this seed bread, thinly sliced and containing hummus, salad and roasted peppers. (I don’t actually remember what it contained so that is a suggested filling!).  Today …