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Posted in - Bake & Puddings & Sweeties on February 16th 2015 0 Comments Florentines

I briefly gave cookery demonstrations in 2012 and  in searching for my Florentine recipe, found I had not put them on this blog.  So here they are.  As delicious as we all know they are but with a twist of roasted almonds.  This happened by a mistake because I meant to skin them, found that …


Apple and Blackberry Salt Caramel Tart

Posted in - Bake & Press & Puddings on January 15th 2015 0 Comments tart

This is one of those definite successes which went down very well at a dinner party.

Makes 12 x 9cm tartlets or 1 large 27cm tart

250g 00 flour
125g unsalted butter
1 egg yolk
whole milk (up to 50mls)

6 English apples such as Cox, peeled, cored and very finely sliced.
10 blackberries per tart, approximately.

Salt Caramel Sauce
150g brown sugar
150g golden …


Lemon Meringue Tartlets

Posted in - Puddings & Recipes on July 30th 2014 0 Comments lemonmeringuetartlets-slide

My daughter had a stall outside of the house at the weekend selling fresh lemonade and lemon tarts.  One friend said she would give her £20 for the tarts so my seven year old is richer than she has ever been!  These are the tarts, with added meringue if you wish.


Makes 24


300g plain flour
150g …


Fruity Sorbet

Posted in - Healthy Recipes & Puddings on May 11th 2014 0 Comments fruity

Making fruit salad to have with Greek yoghurt and honey for breakfast is yummy.  My children are in the habit of adding ready prepared fruit salad to the trolley when we go shopping.  The combination means that we have too much.  Perfect answer… turn it into sorbet.

Fruit salad or plain fruit
Sugar syrup
lemon juice

1.  Prepare …


Lime Coconut Almond Cake

Posted in - Bake & Puddings & Recipes on April 3rd 2014 2 Comments

For a change, here is a recipe which has nothing to do with the First World War.  I have covered most of the war recipes now, and while there may be more to come, there also may not, that is up to what I am told to do by….. publishers who have shown an interest in the …