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WW1 Baked Salmon Ration Recipe – delicious I promise!

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In a local village hall – I write ‘a’ because we live between quite a few villages and their halls in no-man’s land, not belonging to any in particular –  Granny Dot’s recipes were used for their annual fund-raising event, raising a grand sum of £600!  Among the recipes was this which was so popular that I …


WW1 Rationing – Maize Woodcock

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In The Victory Cooking Book, 1918, this is called Maize Woodcock.  Does anyone have any insight into why?!  To interpret this title, it is scrambled eggs on polenta with anchovy. Thinly sliced polenta, toasted on a griddle pan, with lightly scrambled eggs topped with anchovy and a little parsley or chives is more substantial than using toast, …


WW1 Rationing – Maize Batter Pudding

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Another surprise. I can completely see how this would fill the gap left by limited stocks during WW1. It was met with reluctance by some, associating maize with the feed of animals. Maize is polenta and if you use a top quality non-fast action type, the pudding will have greater texture which adds to the pleasure …


WW1 Rationing: Nouilles au Gratin (Pasta with Cheese Sauce)

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Familiar in the combination of pasta and cheese, but not in its name; nouilles is french for noodle.  So perhaps Granny Dot’s pasta recipe came from France?  I need to investigate further.

In the words of Granny Dot:
‘Ingredients. – 3 oz. nouilles, salt, boiling water, 1 oz. of margarine, half a pint of hot milk, …