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Scallops wrapped in bacon with spring onions, roasted red pepper, and smoked garlic

Posted in - Lunch / Dinner & Seafood on November 3rd 2016 1 Comments img_20161102_1906291

In Dumfriesshire during half term, we walked 3 miles from our hotel on the coast to a little fishing village called Port Patrick where we had lunch in a pub called The Crown excelling in seafood.  This recipe was inspired by that.  The pub was as traditional as they all used to be, but with …


Effortless Asian Chicken lunch

Posted in - Healthy Recipes & Lunch / Dinner & Poultry on October 3rd 2016 0 Comments 20161002_125325

My aim was to have roast chicken, then with brown rice leftover, I thought an Asian influence may be a good idea.  It is very tasty and an alternative for a Sunday lunch as there is very little effort involved and just as much enjoyment, or more perhaps as there is little washing up (my …

Porridge with Spiced Syrup, Berries and Sunflower seeds

Posted in - Breakfast & Healthy Recipes & Recipes & Vegetarian on September 15th 2016 0 Comments 20160915_070428

When I wrote Afternoon Tea  I included a recipe for Spiced Tea Syrup on page 54 (just in case you have a copy!), fashionable in the Edwardian Era to both sweeten and flavour.  Being out of the habit, despite writing this book, a jar has been sitting by the kettle for quite some time and …

Cashew Nut Aioli

Posted in - Lunch / Dinner on August 2nd 2016 0 Comments IMG_1286[1]

I make garlic mayo regularly.  Terrible for my waistline but thankfully it is not usually me who finishes it off.  We have one friend who managed to eat a whole bowl by himself!  The concoction I am talking about is found by clicking on garlic mayo above.  I am using a light olive oil at …

Supersonically healthy Mackerel, Herbed Feta Quinoa and Creamed spinach

Posted in - Lunch / Dinner & Seafood on July 24th 2016 0 Comments IMG_1249[1]

Last night my husband and children went fishing on Chessil Beach with friends.  In a huge break from the norm, each family came back with 28 mackerel, or thereabouts!!!  Our veg garden is slightly over-run by spinach so this and its herbs added to the satisfyingly homegrown/self caught lunch.

Quinoa salad
120g quinoa
340ml water
glug of virgin olive …